Being You: your reality and why it matters

Being You
Reality and why working with the subconscious works!

Why would I possibly start with a ‘book review’? When one book arrives and says what you have been trying to say for ages – use it!

We all hold our own version of reality: to cope with all the information that we take in every second, our minds process and generalise, draw conclusions and make assumptions based on our past experiences. That’s why we can react differently in entirely the same situation as someone else. That’s why some of us get anxious, some sad and some angry.

Being You is written by neuroscientist Professor Anil Seth, and in this book he argues, that our reality is a construct – something that hypnotherapists and NLP practitioners have known for a long time.

Why does this matter? If our reality is a construct, we can alter it and therefore alter our view of the world and the feelings that we have about it. This is where Hypnotherapy, NLP and EMDR come in as each work directly with the subconscious for quick and lasting change.