Life and Work Coaching

“People with well-developed emotional skills are also more likely to be content and effective in their lives, mastering the habits of mind that foster their own productivity.”
Daniel Goleman - Emotional Intelligence

Coaching - how it works and why it is so powerful

The how...

  1. You contact me and share your goals
  2. We work together to examine those goals, accurately evaluate the present, consider options and remove things that stand in your way
  3. We set small step targets that will build to great leaps
  4. We maintain your momentum by holding you to account
  5. You reach your goals and reap the rewards!

The why...

Coaching is truly about you. A good coach (yes, that's me) empowers you, finding and developing your inner resources to make sustainable change.

Mindset and Life Coaching

Want to find out more?

Stress and Work-Life Balance

Stress and Work-Life Balance

We know that too much stress is damaging and if we do not get our work-life balance right, we harm ourselves, our careers and the ones who we love. The pandemic has made many of us re-evaluate our lives and look for something more…


Tackling Limiting Beliefs

Tackling Limiting Beliefs and Building Confidence

It is likely that the person holding you back is you!


Personal Best

Personal Best - improve sports performance

Want to improve your PB?

Feel like you didn’t turn up to the game?

Train like mad but can’t take it to the next level?


Making Life Decisions and Seeing Them Through

Making Life Decisions and Seeing Them Through

Do you have a big decision that you need to make?

Do you want the outcomes to be congruent with your values?

Do you want to see that decision through with all of your energy?


Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching

Do you want to ‘own the room’?

Know that you have the skills, but just can’t show them?

Forget everything under pressure?


Professional Fees

Free consultation

I offer a free, respectful and no obligation 20-minute friendly telephone consultation; this allows us to share your goals and discuss any questions that you have in taking your next step forward.

​Mindset and Life Coaching packages are tailor-made to meet your individual needs, so the recommended package and number of sessions will be discussed during the initial consultation call (free and no obligation). We can work together online, face to face or in a blended series of sessions.

The value is not in the number of sessions: it is in the outcomes...

Outcomes Focused Packages

The Transformational Month

Performance Coaching

Stress and work-life balance

Positive weight management


4 sessions

One month of rapid embedded transformation.​

£550 reduced to £357

The 12 Week Metamorphosis 

Creating a happier life

Tackling limiting beliefs and confidence

Making life decisions and seeing them through



8 sessions


£950 reduced to £615

Rapid reboot

Making Life Decisions and seeing them through

Powerful shifts such as removing flight phobia

Confidence power-boost



An intensive 3 hour life-changing session.


£350 reduced to £225

​All packages include the following:​

  • Bespoke sessions designed to meet your individual needs
  • Unlimited telephone and email contact between sessions

Terms and Conditions