Performance Coaching

Do you want to ‘own the room’?

Know that you have the skills, but just can’t show them?

Forget everything under pressure?

Jonathan helped me with improving my confidence through coaching and hypnosis. I was able to present with confidence for the first time in years. What really helped is his calm, reassuring demeanour. He is kind and a great listener. I would highly recommend him if anyone is looking for a smart, understanding, kind, effective coach or hypnotherapist.


After working for two sessions with Jonathan, I overcame my nerves and successfully interviewed for the fully funded PhD that I really wanted to do.

Whether ‘the room’ is a boardroom, academic setting, venue, stage or pitch, I can help you speak up, perform with confidence, nail that show or bring your ‘A game’.

‚ÄčThose people who own the room know nothing more than you, they are not better than you and they are not more likeable than you. They have overcome their fear, know which of their ego states to bring to the fore and have learned to enjoy being in the flow of their chosen activity.

‚ÄčIn a short time, using Coaching, NLP and Hypnosis, I will help you to make the changes so that you will own the room: whatever your room is.

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