How to choose a coach

Deciding and committing to make the changes that you want to make is a great first step, but how do you then choose a coach? This is a two-minute guide to finding the right one for you.

Image of three doors symbolising choice.

Look at a few websites – although lots of the text will be the same, personality should shine through. Read their about page and look for someone with experience, not just in coaching, but in life too!

Check qualification – coaching is unregulated, which means anyone can call themselves a coach! The best qualifications in the UK come from the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management).

Find out if they are insured – a good way of testing the professionalism of a hypnotherapist. All hypnotherapists should have insurance.

Check prices – they vary a lot. Consider the price vs the hypnotherapist. Do you really want the cheapest working with you right now?

If you are planning to see the coach in person, is a clinic-based practice setting important to you?

Take the free phone call/ consultation if offered. Find out more about the person that you will trust to work with you. Bear in mind that this can be a sales call, so be prepared to say that you need time to think.


The most important part when you choose a hypnotherapist is to trust your instincts. You will know who the right person to work with is!