I just wanted to email to say a massive thank you to you as you’ve helped me come a long way. M

I was able to attend a big family party and actually enjoy it! S

Before I met Jonathan, getting out of bed was really hard, I cried for ages. Now I’m getting to work every day and having way more good days than before. E

Feelings of long-term stress just seem to drain away energy and vitality, leaving you exhausted. Your body is releasing way too much cortisol which is our natural response to threat. Sometimes you may use alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, energy drinks, chocolate, cakes, compulsive eating, and other strategies which offer temporary relief from the problem and often, sadly, complicates and intensifies the issue. Symptoms of stress over the long term may lead us towards feeling of anxiety and possibly depression.

Symptoms of anxiety and depression can display as a constant state of fear and worry, sometimes with no apparent causes, which can be frightening and affect day to day living. Anxiety typically involves an emotional component (for example fear, nervousness or panic), a physical component (for example: trembling, dry mouth, racing heart or churning stomach) and a cognitive component (negative, frightening thoughts or catastrophising, for example, ‘I’m going to fail/make a fool of myself/lose control). Sometimes it is hard to find the motivation to even get out of bed and shift that feeling.

Hypnotherapy for anxiety, stress and depression can be a quick and effective means of management: We will tackle the root causes and the symptoms, helping you to let go of overwhelming emotions and eliminate feelings of fear, intense worry and panic attacks.