Hypnotherapy  - coaching the subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy is an amazing way to achieve transformative results quickly! It works directly with the subconscious mind, that part of us responsible for repeated behaviours, habits and beliefs.

  • Entirely your agenda
  • Totally natural - no prescriptions
  • Empowering - the change comes from within
  • Works at the deepest of levels for profound change

I specialise in: Anxiety and Depression, Trauma and PTSD, Phobias, Disordered Eating (including yo-yo dieting) and unexplained chronic pain.

Hypnotherapy and coaching
Stress Anxiety and Depression

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Often fearful? Do you find negative thoughts chasing you? Kept awake by intrusive thoughts? Fear another Panic Attack?


Hypnosis and EMDR for PTSD and Trauma

Hypnosis and EMDR for PTSD and Trauma

Hypnosis and EMDR for PTSD and Trauma

Want to stop that trauma from affecting your life?

Don’t want to talk about it in detail again?


Disordered Eating

Disordered Eating

Disordered Eating

Does it feel like your relationship with your food is out of your control?

Do you know that you really want things to be different but can’t make it happen?


Chronic Pain Management

Chronic Pain Management

Chronic Pain Management

Want to leave unexplained pain behind?


Hypnotherapy for Sleep

Hypnotherapy for Sleep

Hypnosis for Sleep

Is your bed a place of rest or do you dread bedtime?


Mindset and Life Coaching

Hypnosis for Phobias

Beating Fears and Phobias

Do you feel that rising tide of panic that everyone, including yourself, tells you is irrational, but is so real?


freedom from lockdown drinking

Alcohol reduction

Alcohol reduction - regaining control

Has lockdown drinking become a habit?

Pouring that second drink within moments?

Do you want this to change?


Hypnotherapy and coaching

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Becoming a Non-Smoker

Do you really want to be a non-smoker?

Start a non-smoking life in one session!


hypnosis for performance and exam nerves

Hypnosis for Performance and Exam Nerves

Overcoming Performance, Driving Test and Exam Nerves

Know your stuff, but even the thought of the exam, presentation or driving test fills you with dread?


Professional Fees

Free consultation

I offer a free, respectful and no obligation 20-minute friendly telephone consultation; this allows us to share the issues you are experiencing and we can discuss any questions that you have in planning your next step forward.

Most clients attend between 3 and 8 sessions of Hypnotherapy, with the average being 6, far fewer than many therapies.

I charge £127 per session or £100 when part of a package of 3 to 8.

Even quicker change can be accessed through a 2 1/2 hour Rapid Breakthrough session. This accelerated change is £250.

How many session will I need? (guidance, not a precise science)

3 -6  Sessions

  • confidence and self-esteem
  • performance nerves
  • anxiety and depression
  • sleep
  • phobias
  • chronic pain management
  • diordered eating
  • alcohol intake reduction

£127 per session or £100 in a package.

4 - 8 Sessions

  • PTSD
  • long-term stress
  • severe depression and anxiety
  • or want to explore life goals, future plans and build the capacity to achieve them

£127 per session or £100 in a package.

Rapid Breakthrough

Rapid Breakthrough sessions are fast-impact!

With a 100% success rate - they are a popular choice.

  • Smoking cessation
  • Fear of Flying
  • Phobias

These intense one-off sessions last up to 2 1/2 hours.

Rapid Breakthrough is suitable for over 18s.

​As this is a single session, the Money Back Guarantee does not apply.


Our first session will be up to 90 minutes with subsequent sessions lasting up to 60 minutes.

​All packages include the following:​

  • Bespoke sessions designed to meet your individual needs
  • Unlimited telephone and email contact between sessions
  • And on request - a free bespoke hypnosis to listen to at home (worth £49)

Terms and Conditions

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